This is an ongoing project from the Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues of the Social Responsibilities Section of the American Association of Law Libraries. For more about this work, see editorial information or the history of the project below.


The Bibliography is currently updated through works published in 2011; works published in 2012 are in the queue -ed

Most Recent 25 Additions to the Bibliography


Jeannie Suk, Redistributing Rape. 48 Am. Crim. L. Rev. 111-119 (2011).
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More on: gender, masculinity, prison, prisoners, rape

Jonathan L. Koenig, Distributive Consequences of the Medical Model. 46 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 619-645 (2011).
HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw | Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (free)

More on: GID, medical model, medicine, transgender

Whitney Kirsten McBride, Lock the Closet Door: Does Private Mean Secret?. 42 McGeorge L. Rev. 901-927 (2011).
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More on: European Union, First Amendment, privacy, private fact, Sipple

Bud W. Jerke, Queer Ruralism. 34 Harv. J. L. & Gender 259-312 (2011).
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More on: metronormativity, queer, rural

George W. Dent, Jr, Straight is Better: Why Law and Society May Justly Prefer Heterosexuality. 15 Tex. Rev. L. & Pol. 359-436 (2011).
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More on: Catholicism, children, education, heteronormativity, marriage, norms, sexuality

Keith Southam, Who Am I and Who Do You Want Me to Be? Effectively Defining a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Social Group in Asylum Applications. 1 Chi.-Kent L. Rev 1363-1387 (2011).
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More on: asylum, asylum law, history

Audrey C. Stirnitzke, Transsexuality, Marriage and the Myth of True Sex. 53 Ariz. L. Rev. 285-319 (2011).
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More on: Corbett, gender, marriage, sex, transgender, transsexual

Michael J. Higdon, To Lynch a Child: Bullying and Gender Nonconformity in Out Nation's Schools. 86 Ind. L.J. 827-878 (2011).
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More on: bullying, gender, schools, transgender

Jason A. Wallace, Bullycide in American Schools: Forging a Comprehensive Legislative Solution. 86 Ind. L.J. 735-761 (2011).
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More on: bullying, schools, Title IX

Jennifer B. Mertus, Barriers, Hurdles and Discrimination: The Current Status of LGBT Intercountry Adoption and Why Changes Must be Made to Effectuate the Best Interests of the Child. 39 Cap. U. L. Rev. 271-311 (2011).
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More on: adoption, best interests, history, international adoption

Tanya Washington, Suffer Not the Little Children: Priorizing Children's Rights in Constitutional Challenges to "Same-Sex Adoption Bans". 39 Cap. U. L. Rev. 231-270 (2011).
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More on: adoption, best interests, children's rights, constitutional analysis, due process, equal protection, Florida, Gill, Lofton

Rachel A. Miller, Teacher Facebook Speech: Protected or Not?. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 637-665 (2011).
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More on: education, free speech, Pickering-Connick-Garcetti, speech, teachers, Tinker

Lynn D. Wardle, Impacts on Education of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage and Lessons from Abortion Jurisprudence. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 593-635 (2011).
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More on: abortion, curriculum, education, parental rights, parenting, public school, same-sex marriage

William E. Thro, Heart of the Constitutional Enterprise: Affirming Equality and Freedom in Public Education. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 571-591 (2011).
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More on: constitutional analysis, education, equality, liberty, same-sex marriage

Mark Strasser, Parents, Religious Convictions, and Public School Curricula. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 547-569 (2011).
HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw | byu,edu (free)

More on: curriculum, education, Mozert, parenting, parker, public school, religious exemptions, religious rights

Marius H. Smit, Underneath the Radar: The Impact of Same-Sex Sexuality and Secularism on Education in South Africa. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 513-546 (2011).
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More on: AIDS, best interests, education, HIV, parental rights, parenting, positivism, South Africa

David Schimmel, Studying the Massachusetts Goodridge Decision on Same-Sex Marriage as an Antidote to Mutual Misunderstanding and a Lesson in Civics and Law. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 495-512 (2011).
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More on: education, Goodridge, same-sex marriage

Charles J. Russo, Respect For Me But Not For Thee: Reflections on the Impact of Same-Sex Marriage on Education. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 471-494 (2011).
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More on: education, parenting, same-sex marriage, tradition, traditional advocacy, traditionalist

Kevin Rogers & Richard Fossey, Same- Sex Marriage and the Public School Curriculum: Can Parents Opt Their Children Out of Curricular Discussions About Sexual Orientation and Same-Sex Marriage?. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 423-470 (2011).
HeinOnline | LexisNexis | Westlaw | byu.edu (free)

More on: curriculum, education, parenting, public school, same-sex marriage, survey

E. Vance Randall, Same-Sex Marriage and Education: Implications for Schools, Students, and Parents. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 385-421 (2011).
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More on: curriculum, education, same-sex marriage

Scott FitzGibbon, Educational Justice and the Recognition of Marriage. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 263-278 (2011).
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More on: education, ethics, fiduciary relationship, justice, same-sex marriage, teachers

Allison Fetter-Harrott, Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage and Public Schools: Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities. 2011 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 237-262 (2011).
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More on: curriculum, education, history, parental rights, public school, recognition, same-sex marriage

Amy Lai, Tango or More? From California's Lesson 9 to the Constitutionality of a Gay-Friendly Curriculum in Public Elementary Schools. 17 Mich. J. Gender & L. 315-348 (2011).
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More on: constitutional analysis, curriculum, due process, education, elementary schools, Establishment Clause, free exercise, lesson 9, parker

Michael J. Ritter, Quality Care for Queer Nursing Home Residents: The Prospect of Reforming the Nursing Home Reform Act. 89 Tex. L. Rev. 999-1018 (2011).
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More on: discrimination, elder law, nursing home, nursing home reform act

Tiffany L. Palmer, The Winding Road to the Two-Dad Family: Issues Arising in Interstate Surrogacy for Gay Couples. 8 Rutgers J. L. & Pub. Pol'y 895-917 (2011).
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More on: ART, assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy, survey



A special division of the American Association of Law Libraries' Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section, the Standing Committee was called into existence in 1985 to raise the profile of the profession's LGBT members, as well as to encourage libraries "to acquire legal materials on the role of lesbian and gay people in society."

The first step toward convincing librarians to make any materials available is to show them what exists to be collected at all. With this thought the Standing Committee undertook in 1987 to organize and publicize articles and documents addressing core issues concerning the intersection of law, sexual orientation, and—albeit belatedly—gender identity. These efforts achieved a significant milestone in 1994 with the publication in Law Library Journal of the then-current version.

2006 Publication:

2006 saw the revisioning of this ongoing task with the publication by Hein of SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND THE LAW: A RESEARCH BIBLIOGRAPHY as AALL Publication #74 (ISBN 083770166X; 9780837701660). This almost-500 page volume covering literature through 2005 includes several features that the Standing Committee hopes will be useful to librarians and their patrons. These include: a fuller account of the bibliography project from its origins in 1987; a scholarly introduction by Brad Sears, Executive Director of the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, that places this literature into intellectual, historical and legal perspective; a reprint of the original 1994 bibliography; and 877 new citations that have been annotated by members of the Standing Committee. Annotated citations are indexed by author and principal cited cases.

Web Updates:

The published volume was intended by its editors to be neither complete nor static. For the covered period citations are far from exhaustive, and in any event new materials appear at a prodigious rate. The editors chose to create this website to make available to the public the latest updates to the published volume. New citations will be selected, annotated and posted on a semi-annual basis. While the titles included will predominantly be those that have been published in the preceding six months, pieces that were overlooked in earlier searches will be offered as well. Such retrospective inclusion will be especially helpful for those topics that received only cursory attention in earlier versions, such as gender identity and foreign and comparative law. Future supplements may also see the expanded inclusion of media in new and nontraditional formats other than published articles and books.

Taken together, the published volume and this internet resource offer the interested reader the most comprehensive description to be found anywhere of this topic’s literature. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.