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About Us:

This website came into existence through the collaborative work of five law librarians. Stephanie Davidson, of the University of Illinois, brought the ideas for this site to life by designing a database that is accessible, logical and aesthetic. James G. Durham, of the Touro Law Center, and Stephanie Wilson, of Seattle University, served as the site’s first editorial team. Further guidance and sensibility was provided by James Donovan, of the University of Georgia, and Ron Wheeler, of Georgia State University. Courtney Selby, of the University of Tulsa, and Larry Reeves, of Fordham University, assisted with annotations. Stephanie Davidson currently serves as web editor.


How it works:

The website is powered by a MySQL database with MovableType as a front end. Citations and annotations can be browsed by author(s) or by section of the bibliography. We provide links to LexisNexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline for subscribers of those services, and links to SSRN or other open access sources when available. For more information, please contact Stephanie Davidson.



The website is edited by two librarians from the American Association of Law Libraries Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues. We envision that each year a new editorial team will form with a previous editor and a new volunteer. Editors run searches for new material, distribute citations to volunteer annotators, check content for errors, proof all text, and upload annotations onto the website.


How to get involved:

Know of an article which should be included? Want to volunteer to annotate future updates to the bibliography? Contact us!

The 2006 Hein publication, Sexual Orientation and the Law: A Research Bibliography (AALL Publication #74, ISBN 083770166X; 9780837701660) is an almost-500 page volume covering literature through 2005. It includes a scholarly introduction by Brad Sears, Executive Director of the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, a reprint of the original 1994 Standing Committee bibliography, and 877 new citations that have been annotated by members of the Standing Committee. Editorial credits for the print publication appear below, and the print publication can be purchased from W.S. Hein. Editorial credits for the web publication appear here.

Sexual Orientation and the
Law: A Research Bibliography

Standing Committee on Lesbian and Gay Issues
Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section
American Association of Law Libraries

James M. Donovan
University of Georgia

Associate Editors

James G. Durham
Touro Law Center
Ron Wheeler
Georgia State University
Stephanie Wilson
Seattle University

Editorial Advisors

Stephanie Davidson
University of Illinois
Larry Reeves
Fordham University
Courtney Selby
University of Tulsa

Contributing Editors

David Bachman
Boston University

Fred Barnhart
Loyola University Chicago

Stanley Conrad
St. John’s University

Stacy Etheredge
University of South Carolina

Jim Gernert
University of Baltimore

Dennis Harlow

Steven K. Homer
University of New Mexico

Jennifer Kovar
University of Tulsa

Virginia Lougheed
Gunster Yoakley

Patrick Meyer
Thomas Jefferson

Harold O’Grady
Brooklyn Law School

Heather A. Phillips
University of Houston

Christopher Seely
University of Georgia

Laura Whitbeck
Nixon Peabod, LLP